PRO-LINE Slide Job SC 2.2"/3.0" M3 (Soft) Dirt Oval SC Mod Tires (2) for SC Trucks Front or Rear

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This is a pair of Slide Job SC 2.2"/3.0" M3 Dirt Oval Tires. Pro-Line is going all-in on Dirt Oval racing with tires specifically made for Dirt Oval racing, the Slide Job SC! The Slide Job tread pattern design was inspired by the tires found in full-size Dirt Oval racing so you can have realistic style and performance on your SC Mod. To make it easy on race technical inspection during spec races, Pro-Line has molded in Compound Identifiers into the Sidewall of each tire. The Slide Job SC features rounded side tread for consistent slide action that will not catch ruts and flip your truck when you throw it up into the corner. The multi-block tread pattern creates great forward grip combined with long lasting and consistent performance that is easy on your pocket book. The Slide Job and every other tire that Pro-Line makes is proudly Made in the USA! Throw down the inside Slide Job pass on your racing buddies with Pro-Line's all-new Slide Job Dirt Oval SC Mod tire!